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WingFactors is an educational organisation working in collaboration with the NHS to make a real difference to the Human Factors training landscape within hospitals. Through multi-departmental simulation training, secondary education classes, and customer service courses, our aim is to use our aviation experience to highlight the value of adopting a supportive and transparent team working culture.
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Our journey began at Whittington Health NHS Trust, thanks to a serendipitous meeting in the Project Wingman ‘First-Class’ lounge. Senior EM Trainee Dr Robert Lloyd and Captain Alex Jolly started talking about simulation training in the NHS – it was clear that there was an exciting opportunity for shared learning. A week later, pilots in uniform started to observe in situ simulation, gaining experience in the clinical environment and producing simple, clear HF feedback supported by aviation examples. A pilot study of 20 simulations proved to be a success, resulting in funding for a larger scale programme across 5 specialties. The programme has now expanded to more hospitals and Trusts. Our involvement in a multi-specialty simulation training programme has since been recognised by HSJ panellists for its outstanding contribution to improving healthcare, shortlisted for the ‘Best Educational Programme for the NHS’ category in its 2021 awards.

Using the same philosophy of research through observation and their extensive aviation experience, our passenger/patient engagement team were able to identify the benefits of Human Factors training in both clinical and non-clinical areas of the hospital. Our WingFactors customer service training courses are rapidly expanding as a result, with our team now working alongside multiple departments in the Whittington Health NHS. De-escalation skills are a fundamental part of customer service and form the core of these training courses.

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There is little doubt this project has had a hugely positive impact on our hospital. It has galvanised the training landscape and fostered a more collaborative spirit between our specialties.

Dr Robert Lloyd

Senior EM Registrar and Sim Lead, Whittington Health Trust

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Robbie is an emergency medicine senior trainee and fellow podcaster who is undertaking a year as an Education Fellow at the Whittington hospital  . Captain Alex Jolly is an airline pilot who is UK based. The program has brought marvellous insights to the clinicians in terms of teamwork behaviours and shaping culture…..” Read More

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“Captain Alexander Jolly and Captain Dave Fielding are commercial airline pilots. I met them through Project Wingman, a pandemic-induced collaboration between the UK aviation industry and the NHS. For the last few months they (along with a few of their colleagues) have been helping us train….” Read More

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